Thank you so much 6y, you made my day, month, year, decade!! :D


A big thank you to 6Y collective and a bigger thank you to Kavya for helping me get not one but two gorgeous outfits from 6Y.. I was very worried about the size and delivery cause I had to get it within 3 weeks for sure, Kavya assured me to just follow the size chart and order and i did, and she calls me the very next day and says your order is dispatched.. I was like “whattttttttttt!!!!”I felt so great cause i did not have to wait for weeks to try it and when it arrived, oh man it fits so well and I feel like a true princess.. Photos will be uploaded soon.. But thank you so much 6Y, you made my day, month, year, decade!! 😀 – Jharna Melwani, Mumbai